Homage to Saul Leiter


Saul Leiter is a photographic hero of mine. He did amazing things with color. Many works were looking through rain fogged store windows at the turbulent city streets of New York. To imply this photo is anything like his, is really not accurate. However, the placement of the coffee cup as against the overhead light and the red of the woman’s coat on the left calls to mind, mine at least, Mr. Leiter’s work. If you don’t know of him. Do yourself a favor and look him up.

Commercial Color Blast

large- copy.jpg

These colorful things were for sale at a booth in the middle of Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston. I have no idea what they are good for except to provide a splash of color wherever they are put. That said, they were certainly easy to photograph. I just stuck my camera in the middle of them and pulled the trigger.

The Haves And The Have Nots



City living gives one a chance to see close up the different circumstances people have to endure. We all get dealt such different hands in life’s poker game that I think it’s terribly important not to judge others until we truly know their story.

Rainy, Wet Sidewalks


The sun sinks, rain pelts down and the sidewalks run blood and gold.

Portrait In Brown


I took this about 30 feet from the front door of our building. The full frame contains a lot more street and building detail than is in this version. Cropping this man to just include he immediate surroundings reveals a lush tonality that I find very appealing. 

A Sky Filled With Gold


I know, I know taking photographs of pretty sunsets get old really fast. But this one last night warranted an exception and inclusion in this blog. The gold of the sky set off against the dark hills across Rockport Harbor was absolutely breathtaking. We had just returned after a long road trip and I was dead tired. But seeing this made me go out without my shoes on a gravel driveway to get this shot. This light didn’t last for more than 5 minutes.

A Bluebird Maine Landscape


Sea, sky, boats, clouds, beach and a smattering of people. All elements present and accounted for!

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