Feliz Navidad!

Salvation Army Guy

Nicest bellringer in Boston

(corner of Charles and Beacon)

It’s Only Going To Get Worse


Lousy rainy day today, but by Thanksgiving the midday temperature will be in the teens!

Cold?….Oh My Yes!


It’s not like Boston is experiencing any more cold than other places in the northeast. It’s just that somehow in a city the freezing weather seems to cut more deeply. Maybe the reason for this is we’re so near water that the dampness gives an extra bite to it.

Thanks To A Spring Snow Storm


Yesterday we got a little one and next week on Tuesday we get a much bigger one.

Snow storms make getting around a little difficult but they provide some fine picture taking opportunity.

Victims of The Cold?


These were happy little spring flowers yesterday. They were peaking their heads up in the next block down the hill from us. Today with the wind chill, the temperature hovering just above zero, I’m afraid they’re no longer there.

Winter (Finally)


For most of this winter here in Boston it’s been very mild with little or no snow. Well, yesterday this all changed and we now have an honest to goodness winter scene outside. We’ve had it soft so far but today the temperature feels like zero and the sidewalk bricks of Beacon Hill are icey. Being careful are the watchwords for today.

Freezing Cold…Lovely Light 

It’s been cold as hell today in Beantown but I’m having a wonderful time shooting with my new iPhone 7+. This thing is a powerhouse especially with it’s new 50mm lens.

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