Storm Coming

Passed this lady going into town today. She didn’t look very happy. I don’t know whether she was peeved with my camera or the fact that it was pretty obvious that she was about to get very wet.

 One further thing. I believe the picket fence was a huge help with this composition.

Finallyly, I shot this photo with an Olympus EM1 MK II. It’s quite a machine. Complicated as hell but I suspect, once mastered, I’ll love it.

Storm Clouds at Sunset


There was a severe thunderstorm warning posted yesterday until ten o’clock last night but nothing really came of it. From time to time the sky would darken but as soon as they came, the clouds would disappear again and all in all the evening was quite lovely. This threatening sky was over Rockport Harbor around sunset and stayed only long enough to add drama to a photograph.