Downtown Crossing Music Fan

Simple Rose

Not much drama here but damn these things are beautiful!



A tomato slice, that’s all.

Or is it?

Street Shooter



This lady looks like a real pro. Expensive camera, big lens, sharp gaze, totally focused on her surroundings. Well not entirely, she didn’t see me taking her picture.

Your Order’s Ready


Bakery Shop Dude

Snow Day Orchid


It’s a treat to finally have a camera in my hand again. The streets outside are a mess and the sidewalk bricks are slippery as hell but here inside our small cozy place my wife Sarah’s birthday flowers provide a great opportunity to get close to a subject that doesn’t care if there is a camera lens less than a foot away.

Cut and Bleeding


I was originally going to eat this pomegranate but its seeds were just too crunchy. While one half was still sitting on the cutting board the thought crossed my mind that it make make a good photograph. The blood red color of the juicy fruit seeds led to its title. 

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