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Boston’s Chinatown

I don’t normally photograph in Boston’s Chinatown mainly because it’s a fair hike from where we live. Today however, my wife suggested we go there and wow was the walk fun! The neighborhood’s combination of grit and beauty was a street photographer’s banquet. The heat and humidity were pretty oppressive and I’m glad we finished early.

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One Man’s Morning

These steps belong to a church in Boston’s Chinatown. They are used often by the homeless in that area. Passing by this morning, this man was just getting up.

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Does It Matter To Anybody?


I really don’t know why this man is lying on the sidewalk in Boston’s Chinatown. I do know that there are a lot of people nearby who seem totally oblivious to his presence. Speaking for myself I’m getting more and more used to and uncaring about people like this and I don’t like it.

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I was waiting on the sidewalk in Chinatown for my wife to run an errand when I spied these ladies huddled together down the block. I’m not sure they knew I was taking their photograph but they were definitely checking out this outsider.

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Creeper War


We were in Chinatown recently and came upon this wall with layers upon layers of old posters and signs peeling off it. It looks almost like a piece of purposely constructed art.

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Hose Man


On our way to buy groceries this morning we walked through the edge of Chinatown and here was this guy cleaning off the sidewalk with water. It was a pretty normal event of course but the light coming from the fluorescent bulb balanced the diagonal of the water stream very nicely and made for a nice photo.

I must say shooting with my little Ricoh GR in the city is a lot of fun. It’s so unobtrusive nobody pays any attention to it but my oh my that little camera packs a punch.

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Portrait of Chinatown


Walking through here to buy groceries this morning, I took this photograph of a lady standing quietly in the middle of the sidewalk, lost in thought. Using a plugin from NIK, I processed the shot to reveal a soft, almost dreamy look befitting her gaze.

The photograph below shows the starting point.


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The Cement Wall


Walking through Chinatown today, I spotted this young  lady on the other side of the street looking at her cellphone. While there is absolutely nothing eye catching about her per se, the large dirty cement wall in the background provided a grungy and very linear backdrop for her figure. The raking sunlight also created some nice long shadows. A simple moment but the elements came together well in black and white.

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Chinese Checkers (Maybe)


We have a rather small Chinatown here in Boston, small but vibrant. Today as we were hiking over to the WholeFoods market in the InkBlock we came upon this group playing a board game. It looked like checkers to me but to be honest I’m really not sure what it was. I only know at one point there was a great roar from this group of onlookers. Whatever they were playing certainly seemed to attract a lot of interest.