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Fountain Fun

For the last few hot and steamy days, the cooling spray of the Frog Pond fountain has provided hundreds of local youngsters a happy relief. Standing on the edge of this splashing joyful gathering yesterday I wished I was 5 years old again. Come to think of it, sitting here today writing this I wish the same thing.


Frog Pond Frolic

The temperature was 88 degrees when I took this photo.

Enough said!

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Getting Very Wet

It’s not quite time to turn on the Frog Pond fountain in Boston Common but it should happen in a few more weeks. Since I just ordered a print of this photograph from WhiteWall I thought I might rush the season a bit and show it here.

Speaking of WhiteWall, if you don’t know about this company you should. It operates out of Germany and specializes in, among other things, borderless prints under acrylic. They do an absolutely fantastic job and the cost is really not that bad. Check them out. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Just Fishing

What’s That?

There’s a little pond about half way up to the top of Helen Putnam regional park in Petaluma. I sincerely doubt if there are any fish in it. However almost every time we go by the place there are some boys trying their luck. It’s a wonderful childhood scene!

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Cool In The City


This week promises to be very hot and muggy. For kids, and adults too, there’s a place in the Harvard campus area that provides the perfect escape. It’s a cute little fountain setup that consists of a bunch of boulders and lots of short little fountains spraying a cooling mist over the area. It’s the perfect spot to take your hot cranky kid(s).


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The Bubble Guy Strikes Again



On weekends during the summer a man appears on the Boston Common with a bunch of devices that enables him to make clouds of different size soap bubbles. In a flash a happy crowd of kids and parents swarm around watching him and dashing here and there to pop his floating creations.

It’s a truly great sight.

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A Water View of Boston


When I first lived here, the tallest building was the new Prudential Tower. Now look at this place. There are tall buildings everywhere and many, many more are going up in the seaport section of the city.

We will never be a New York but here if you have access to our harbor you can visit the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. It’s a world-class group of islands,  many accessible by ferry  from downtown Boston, where historic forts, overnight camping, hiking and just plain nature watching wait to be enjoyed.

This picture was taken from our ferry as we started off from Long Wharf on a morning exploration of Georges Island of Fort Warren, a fortification which started its service  way back in revolutionary days. It was a fun morning in the boisterous company of many many school kids enjoying an end of school year field trip.


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A Slide Down Memory Lane


Remember when you were a kid how great it felt to be positively ZOOMING down a hill?