Another Day At The Office



This is Michael (last name unknown), king of our local panhandlers. Michael’s “office” is at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets, right outside of the front door to Starbucks. Today as we were going by, my generous wife Sarah stopped long enough to slip him a buck and I tried to take a portrait of him as he went about his chosen profession of separating passersby from their money.

Very VIP


Maybe he’s a sweet man. Loves his mother, adores kids, that sort of thing.

Somehow I have a hard time believing that.

Dirty Windows

L1000138-Editsmall.jpgI went down just now to our local Starbucks to get the Sunday paper. Naturally I had a camera along. Lately the 28mm lens has been my favorite weapon for capturing images in the street. Going back I passed this guy busily working on washing the windows of a nearby restaurant. What drew me to this composition is the large expanse of soapy glass. The fellow doing all the work isn’t front and center. His project is. 



There’s no worse feeling and by the look on his face things aren’t going very well.

I actually have no idea what this man was thinking but he was hunched over way back in a corner between two buildings. I grabbed a quick shot with my Ricoh GR and almost stuck the camera in his ear.

He never even noticed.

Really Listening


Who knows what he’s listening to. It hardly matters. It’s the concentration on his face that tells the story.

A side note to this photograph:

It was taken with a Ricoh GR, a tiny powerhouse of a camera that punches way above its weight when used as the weapon of choice for street photography. If you aren’t aware of this little beast, I suggest you read up on it. The GR is a cult camera in Asia. Too bad it’s not better known on this side of the ocean.