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Here’s Looking At You …..


I was going to choose a particular person to send Mr. Bad Luck Kitty to. However it’s best you do it. There are a lot of choices to pick from.

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Travelling Kitty


I saw these guys heading toward the North Station the other day and I was struck by 2 things. First, how much they were lugging and second, how scruffy they looked. So being the snap shooter I am, I grabbed a couple of pictures of them as they passed by. If you can believe it, I never saw that lovely white cat.

So much for being observant. 

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Say Hi To “Strayzie”


Please excuse this cat picture. I see so many on Facebook and other social media that I am loath to burden you with another. However this fellow deserves an introduction.

The name Strayzie comes from the fact that he was first seen roaming wild around my sister’s neighborhood, quite a few years ago now. A stray in every sense of the word. Suspicious, hostile and completely unwilling to accept any friendship, except the food she left for him at a discreet distance from her house.

But my sister persisted (she adores all animals) and over time, well over a year in fact, she finally lured this big tom into her home.

And here he stays. Sharing his domain with two other previous strays who don’t like him at all.

Not matter. He doesn’t care. He adores my sister and she him. Their friendship brings happiness to both of them and that’s all that really matters.

Isn’t it?


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Your Cat Is The Boss



( be sure to save it some turkey)

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The Cat Lady of Swanville, Maine

Her name is Donna Talarico. She’s an ex-navy nurse with a genuine desire to help people and animals. She has a bum leg which may have to be amputated.

Donna runs a clean little cat boarding facility called the “Cat Haven Inn” where from time to time we board our cat Dennis.

This is Donna.



Here it is a picture of her Cat Haven Inn’s front window.



I’m not terribly sure what I am posting this except to express my admiration for people like Donna who go through life with an upbeat uncomplaining attitude, always doing what they can to help others along the way.

I know things haven’t been easy for her personally but talking to Donna you’d never know it. 


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His motto is “Start Slow And Taper Off”



Take Me With You Please


Cats don’t give much of a damn about us humans. I know that intellectually of course but, emotionally I’d like to believe otherwise. Take our friend Dennis here. We are about to go away for a while and he will be staying behind with a very nice girl who “cat sits” him. All Dennis really cares about is having enough food and water, being comfortable and watching the birds at our bird feeder.

However when he climbed into my suitcase this morning I was absolutely sure he was going to miss us. At least I hope he does because we will miss him for sure.


Introducing Dennis

IMAGE_B201BE3A-C76B-4FC1-8ABF-36A6F7F95FB3 by John S. Ames
I apologize for posting this cat picture. They are all over the web. I complete realize that most people do not think that photographs of other peoples cats are really uplifting or for that matter even very interesting. 
However, as we start getting to know each other, you should be aware that my wife Sarah and I live with an adopted cat named Dennis. Sarah got him from the local animal shelter 3 years ago tomorrow and surprised me with him. Now, I consider myself a dog person. Never thought much about cats one way or the other. However, I must say our time with this quiet gentle animal has been an awakening. I like him a lot and I guess from time to time you will probably be seeing more of him. For now you should know that this winter has made him a house cat extraordinaire.
He no more wants to go outside than I do.