Over Saturated, Badly Exposed and Not Sharp



Just one of those lousy grab shot photos that somehow turns out OK. I never could do it again in a million years. The moral here is take photographs, lots of them. Not only do we get better because of the practice but occasionally we get lucky too.

Fence and Rusty Friend By The Sea


Sometimes even the most bland elements in just the right combination can make for a strong photograph. This rusty yellow fire hydrant and white picket fence with just a thin strip of ocean on the top taking separately are certainly nothing special. However, seen this way they do just fine.

Car Crash


Not really but this tipped mailbox made me think of one. So I developed the image in Lightroom and then messed it up with Nik’s Analog Efex Pro (Wet Plate).

Portrait of Scott


Living in Maine is not easy. This lovely man cuts lawns for many folks here in town. He works incredibly hard in all kinds of weather, is always cheerful and scrupulously fair in all his dealings. He is an example to all who know him.

“No Sharps”


A grab shot with the Fuji 1oox s that turned out well.

I also own an Olympus EM 1 which is an extremely good camera in its own right, but I just don’t use it very much. The Oly focuses much faster than the Fuji and has a lot of good lenses to use for various subjects but the damn Fuji is just so much FUN to use that I keep coming back to it again and again. I’ll keep the EM 1 for special projects but I’ll carry the Fuji every day.

The Ladder

This one isn’t up against any wall. It’s in the middle of a ¬†wide open field where some children have built a clubhouse nearby out of 4 aluminium hoops and a big piece of lightweight plastic drop cloth. The clubhouse is falling down and the ladder serves no purpose. Neither tool, nor toy, nor even metaphor.

Maybe it was important to someone once. Now it just stands quietly in the tall grass as the harsh sun makes it bright against its dark green background.

It’s probably lonely and I think it likes to have its picture taken.






Forsythia & The Drain (A lucky study in yellow)


Maine has had a lousy winter and a spring that is almost as bad. However, when this kind of extreme weather happens there always seems to be some plant or other that gets a boost from the hardship most other plants had to struggle to endure. This year it is the forsythia that is very very happy. Driving along a side road in Rockport today I came across this hedge of luxuriant startling yellow and took a picture of it.

While working hurriedly in the rain I barely noticed the drain grate and its attendant yellow marking stripes until after I had uploaded the photograph to Lightroom. Those small geometric matching color forms, falling as they did in the lower right corner of the picture frame, provided a very helpful and unexpected visual anchor to the composition.

Sometimes a photographer just gets lucky.