River, Sea and Sky


This is the Megunticook River in Maine as it empties into Camden Harbor. The harsh Maine light helped the colors a lot. So did the high water level of the river as it splashed high over the rocks.

Mill Town Morning

P1070758-EditsmallThe milltown that Camden was once is long long gone. However, as long as the smokestack stands, the memory lingers. It’s a shining shard of an era gone by.

Meanwhile On The Top Of The Mountain


I hiked up Mount Battie today. It was lovely on the trail and on the walk up I saw no one. On the top however it was another story. A fully loaded tour bus from New Jersey pulled into the parking lot and unloaded a ton of people.

Now I don’t mean to be unkind and lord knows our state needs tourism dollars but to be honest that bus ruined my enjoyment of the summit.


Tourist Season Makes Me Tired And Yet….





They’re here in droves and I know I shouldn’t ┬áreally complain. The merchants, after all, love them. But our little town changes from a quiet beautiful place to one where commerce dominates all. Really it’s not that bad, some money comes into everyone’s pockets and the ocean and rivers will be ours again soon enough


summer river

Sitting Next to Heaven (One lucky shot)



This view, photographed today, looks down Penobscot Bay from Rockport towards Camden Harbor.

It would be hard to beat the bay’s peace and beauty. The cloud bank hovering over the Camden Hills gives texture to the sky and the shadows on the lawn chairs give the photograph a nice black and white punch.

I used my trusty Olympus EM 1 to capture this shot and only took one exposure as we were with friends and banging around their lawn with a camera would have been rude.

It was a lucky photo capture and one I’m very happy with.

By the way, tonight is the first super moon of this year. I’ll go outside after I post this and look for it.

Camden Harbor Evening 07/11/14



It’s dusk on a Friday in the July and the harbor is beginning to quiet down. Boats lie quietly on their moorings in the inner harbor and the lights from dockside restaurants begin to flicker. Camden now is packed with tourists milling around its shops and admiring the local scenery.

As much as I have gotten used to these surroundings, every now and then the beauty of this place hits me and tonight is one of those times.