Morning Moon (and friend)


While the full moon was bright early this morning  shining through the trees, what I didn’t see until I cropped the image was its “friend”, the “morning star” Venus, shining over its shoulder.

A lovely way to start the day.

Morning Fog

SE002757smallEarly in the morning, almost anywhere high in the hills, fog can form in the creases.

The myriad tones of black and grey play a quiet, welcoming melody.

Waiting for the sun to rise.

Sea Lions or Humans…Sun Brings Them Out


P1020734smallMy wife Sarah suggested this juxtaposition to me. The top photograph was taken at a wonderful place called the Elkhorn Slough in California and the bottom was right here in Boston last weekend. I must say the two groups of mammals do indeed love a sunny day by the water.

As the sun sets in Death Valley


As the sun gets closer to the horizon these mountains begin to glow and reveal the most amazing colors. Ochre colored rocks take on hues of gold, silver and green. In fact the photograph below was taken at a place called “the artist’s palette”.

The quiet cruel beauty of this place makes a powerful impression as darkness approaches.


Color Gives Us Positive Emotional Context



We usually take the color of our physical surroundings pretty much for granted and don’t often think about how powerful an influence their color alone can be on our emotions.

We live in Maine and currently have fled to California for a while to escape the worst winter New England  has experienced in years. Just before we left, I took the above photograph of cars parked in our back driveway. The picture is in color but there isn’t enough of it to make any kind of positive emotional impact. In fact, it is the almost total lack of color that tells the gloomy story.

Now compare that photo with this one.



Strip away the subjects from each image and just compare how you feel about greyish white versus hot pink.

See what I mean. 

PS Spring really is coming.

I promise.