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The Library Ghost

Boston’s main public library has a magnificent interior courtyard. I like to sit at one of the small tables that are dotted along the main walkway between the old building and the new modern entrance. By sitting quietly and hiding my camera in my lap, I can take photographs of the passersby.

This young man made a nice silhouette against the building’s walls. You can just see that his eyes are closed giving him a nice pensive look.

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It was 87 degrees when I made this photograph so I’m unsure why this man is wearing his hat. His gaze is definitely unsettling. However, I’ve been doing this street shooting long enough to resist conclusions about his character. That said, I’m glad he didn’t see my camera.

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On The Stone Edge Of The Library


During the day a lot of people can be found on this stone bench. It’s a comfortable place to sit. However, the distressing thing is that those who find their way here are often pretty much down on their luck. This fellow though seems more lost in thought. Further down the way is the rougher crowd.

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Sculpture In Blue Denim


Often when I go by this particular spot by the entrance to the main branch of Boston’s Public Library there’s a resting figure on it. Generally their posture/pose is not particularly notable.

Today was different. 

There’s a maxim in street photography that it’s often necessary to visit the same spot over and over before a good picture reveals itself. 

So true!

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At The Boston Public Library


This is a sardonic age we are living in. Yes this was taken at the BPL, she was leaning against the wall by the front door, and no I shouldn’t have given the photo it’s title. 

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Street Portrait…Bleached Blond


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Big Hurt On Boylston Street



This is a scene on Boylston Street outside the public library. It’s reeking with human misery. I often find it hard and indeed intrusive to take these kind of photographs, yet the emotion in them is so striking I sometimes take the shot anyway. It’s a little like war photography, without the danger of course. Recording pain for the sake of getting some kind of lesson from it.

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Ann Bruck…An Unpaid Commercial


Sometimes chance deals me a fine hand. This time it was at the Boston Public Library where I had taken my WordPress buddy Steve Willard for a cup of coffee and a chance for him to show me the magic photo editing he is able to do on his iPad.

Out of the blue I feel a tap on my shoulder and low and behold there is Ann Bruck. Ann is a marvelous wellness coach that my wife Sarah and I use to help us (I really should say me) learn yoga. She is a great person and if you are in the Boston area and think you might use her services go to her website and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

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The Printed Page


The sharpness of this photograph is not the best but I like it anyway. It was taken in the wonderful new cafe at the Boston Public Library. Clustered around the coffee bar were a group of people all reading books or newspapers. Nobody was looking at a digital device. Refreshing!

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Singing Opera On The Street


(and he’s good too!)