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A Soothing “Postcard” View

This photograph is of the Arlington Street Church’s tower framed by some trees growing just inside Boston’s Public Garden. As images go it’s a perfectly nice juxtaposition of the natural with the urban environment. I like it but it’s nothing special. A “postcard” picture if you will.

However, in this time of Covid-19, it helps take the edge off my jagged emotional state.

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Feeling The Cold

When I made this photograph, it was 23 degrees, blowing pretty hard and the sun was setting. The lagoon in Boston’s Public Garden had frozen solid. For some reason this group of people had gathered at its edge to look at I know not what. I darkened the image considerably and converted it to black and white to try to give a sense of the weather.

Hope you like it.

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Setting Sun In Boston Public Garden

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Fall Gold

Walking along the outer edge of the Boston Public Garden yesterday this was what I saw. Mind you this sidewalk is along Boylston Street, a VERY busy road. Sometimes the beauty of nature just grabs you by the throat!

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In Boston’s Public Garden Yesterday

I’ve visited the Garden numerous times since we moved here and never have I seen a wolf. A large mouse sometimes entertains near the gate to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall but this creature was new. (By the way, he loved having his picture taken.)

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Boston Public Garden’s Music(?) Man

Music may be somewhat of a misnomer for what this guy does but he seems happy and the little kids love him. All in all, not a bad gig.

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View From Boston Garden

As we walked past this scene this morning the world turned happy.

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Monetary Exchange


I have no idea of what’s actually going on here but I like the confluence of shapes.