Descending Streetlight Trail


As one walks across the middle of Boston Common towards the Garden, a lovely row of streetlights marks the path down the hill towards Back Bay. A quiet diagonal leading to the cacophony of approaching buildings.

Duck and Friend


They’re a strange couple I admit but, these days everything is that way,

The Butterfly on Boylston Street


I’m really happy with this photograph; not for the subject matter, although it certainly is nice. No, I’m happy with it because of where I took it. It was on the second block of Boylston Street in Boston in an area of high end shops and a ton of foot traffic. This little butterfly was sipping nectar from a flower less than a yard off the busy sidewalk. It just goes to show you that if you stand still long enough and pay very close attention to your immediate surrounds, mother nature will occasionally reward you with a lovely gift.

By the way while we’re on the subject of mother nature and her gifts, there are now turkeys grazing on Boston Common. How they got there we’ll never know. But what fun it was to see them.

Memorial Day Thoughts




Not much needs to be said about these photographs. This is an annual event in Boston Common and it’s very moving. The thing I noticed about these people setting out the commemorative flags was that they were very subdued almost silent.  It was fitting for the occasion.



His Name Is Billy


He and I are friends. (kind of)

I see him a lot sitting by himself on various park benches in Boston Common. Billy is very hard to understand. My guess is he’s got a wet brain from too much booze.

He won’t take any money.

Today I told him my name was John and I think he understood that.

His eyes filled with tears.

Mr. Danger


By the looks of this man, one would not want to aggravate him in a dark alley. However, as we know looks can be deceiving. Actually he is watching his little son intently as he prepares to slide down a hill. Concern for his child is all he is feeling

It’s the beard, black scarf and black head band that makes him look so scary.

The Masked Duo


Passed these folks this afternoon on our way across the Common. A kind of Batman and Robin duo who looked like they were having a lot of fun in each others company. I’m not sure whether the figure on the right is male or female but given the nature of his/her gestures there seems to be a hell of a story being told.

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