The Blue Ukulele


An interesting combination between the instrument’s happy blue color and his hard stare. 

Shining Spring Gems


Today the temperature here in Boston went over 70 degrees. It’s time to do some serious mental housecleaning and begin to concentrate on the all the beauty that surrounds us. 

Reflections Plus A Red Streetlight


The sun was shining brightly yesterday. As I came out of Boston’s financial and was walking towards Fort Point Channel the buildings behind me were reflected in the glass facades in front. This made for a wonderful shimmering cityscape with the red of the stoplight providing a nice dot of color contrast.

Golden Tree and Thin Blue Ice


It’s finally getting colder here. Winter weather has been a long time coming, but now with overnight lows getting into the thirties, the cold seeps into my bones as a walk across Boston Garden. That discomfort is however more than offset by the golden sheen of the huge willow trees that ring the lagoon and the shimmering blue of its new skim of ice.

Equinox Still Life


The huge advantage of the Ricoh GR camera is that I can carry it in a little holster on my belt. Doing this regularly makes it just a part of clothing instead of a separate object that I constantly have to worry about. 

Walking out of the gym this morning there was this spoon resting in a tarnished steel tray. The form of the curvilinear spoon and the undulating blues and greys of the tray to my eye make a particularly nice duo.

The Blue Umbrella…Parasol?



I suppose I shouldn’t really call this an umbrella since it was almost 80 degrees outside and the sun was shining brightly. Maybe technically it should be called a parasol. However, I don’t think it really like like one of those. Sooo umbrella it will be.

Now that that’s out of the way here’s a true confession. I took this photograph is for the lovely blue color she is wearing and showing off, not for the thing over her head, whatever it’s name.

Blue and Green


Saw this chair on the steps of Boston City Hall today. Hard to say why it was there but the color contrast between it and the Astro Turf was terrific.

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