Tree In A Graveyard

P1030401-EditsmallPlays with your head. Doesn’t it?

The Threat


He’s not really one of course. Just a guy who climbed up on a wall to look at MIT across Boston’s Charles River. However, his bulk and posture made him a powerful, rather scary figure and I developed this image in a noir black and white to emphasise his threatening stance.

Swamp Leaves




White Line

White Line

Traveling to Florida, almost at its border, there is a long causeway crossing a big lake. I forget the name. Leaning out the window with my Ricoh GR, I just snapped the side of the road. That searing white line playing with the line of the highway creates a possible vanishing point to the far left. Not much context but really strong graphics. That little powerhouse of a camera does black and white really well.

A Day At The Office


The world is coming to this. 

The Long And The Short Of It





Same day…Same tree…About 20 minutes apart.

An egret and the kingfisher greet the day.


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