The Cement Wall


Walking through Chinatown today, I spotted this young  lady on the other side of the street looking at her cellphone. While there is absolutely nothing eye catching about her per se, the large dirty cement wall in the background provided a grungy and very linear backdrop for her figure. The raking sunlight also created some nice long shadows. A simple moment but the elements came together well in black and white.

Street Singing Blues Man


This young man, singing his heart out in Davis Square, Somerville is named Roland Pearsall. He’s a talented musician who not only sings other people’s songs but writes his own as well. Sarah and I had the pleasure of listening to him as we roamed around the Davis Square area checking out the stores and the movie house.

Roland’s web site is Check him out. I wish him well with his career.

Street Shooting Man


A photograph in the “it takes one to know one” category.

This guy was working the corner of a downtown Boston street that has been closed off to traffic and thus has a ton of people walking and milling around in it. He’s got his trusty Olympus micro 4/3┬ácamera at the ready and is watching the swirling street scene in front of him like a hawk. He’s already taken a picture of me as I approached him, so I thought I’d return the favor.

Another Day At The Office



This is Michael (last name unknown), king of our local panhandlers. Michael’s “office” is at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets, right outside of the front door to Starbucks. Today as we were going by, my generous wife Sarah stopped long enough to slip him a buck and I tried to take a portrait of him as he went about his chosen profession of separating passersby from their money.