Mother and Child Reunion

P1070123-Edit-EditsmallNot So Easy Sometimes

Meditation Along The River

P1030741-Edit-Edit-Editsmall     P1030733small   While on our usual walk today along the Charles River, I took many pictures of ducks and geese with their babies. They made lovely photographs of course, however what really took my fancy today were just a few people, not the wildlife. The river for them served as a kind of sacred place that encouraged mental stillness. Tai Chi, sitting meditation, it didn’t matter. The river promoted their quiet.

Boyhood Memories


Tree In A Graveyard

P1030401-EditsmallPlays with your head. Doesn’t it?

The Threat


He’s not really one of course. Just a guy who climbed up on a wall to look at MIT across Boston’s Charles River. However, his bulk and posture made him a powerful, rather scary figure and I developed this image in a noir black and white to emphasise his threatening stance.

Swamp Leaves




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