There is of course no way of knowing this man’s life story. However, his expression, his long white beard, the kids run running in back of him and the Massachusetts State House in back of them provide plenty of material to make up a good one.

More About Color

To continue our conversation about color, started in the last post, here’s a photograph developed both in color and black and white. In my opinion, yours certainly may differ, the monochrome version packs more punch.

The lady’s hand gesture, hat and open mouth tell a story that don’t need any color embellishment.


Not as hot today as the weekend but nevertheless I bet this big burly guy is enjoying his work break.

Subway Stop

To be honest, taking this kind of photograph gets more troubling with the passage of time. I see too many of these people, many of them young like this man. I don’t know if this is a drug overdose but I do know, passed out like this in a subway station isn’t a sign of a healthy person.

At The Movies

This one was made at the Kendall Square theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’m on the mezzanine level looking down towards the main lobby. I liked the way the grid of the building’s facade and the angles of the staircase encompass the figures.