On Trying To See Clearly





We went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts today and I took a hell of a lot of photographs. In the end though, what came out of that trip is how terribly hard it is to really see anything clearly.


The Fashion Street Guy


I was chatting with this panhandler after I took his photograph when I noticed that the guy was decked out in a Ralph Lauren shirt! In fact aside from his huge beard, the guy looked pretty well off.

Who knows? It takes all kinds to fill up a city.


First Look


Don’t you wish we still had that sense of wonder and anticipation.

Mr. Dicey


One of the hazards of street shooting in an urban area is that occasionally one goes around a corner and meets a person who is probably best avoided.

It’s Ending…(sigh)


All summer Boston Common’s famous wading pool, The Frog Pond, has been filled with the happy sights and sounds of kids, and occasionally their parents, enjoying the warm weather and cool water. Now with school starting and ┬átemperatures cooling, these easy days are dwindling. I’m not exactly sure how long the pond will stay open, but it won’t be much longer.

The pond will get drained soon and stay empty until the really cold weather sets in and then it opens again for skating season. The fun starts anew and the ages of the Frog Pond users become more diverse as many more adults avail themselves of this great resource.

PS I shot this photograph in monochrome as a way to mirror the season change.

Still Unsure (Damn!)

large- copy.jpg

My previous post sang the praises of rendering this image in black and white. Drifting back just now to look at the color image, I’m starting to think that keeping the color may be a better choice.

For now I’ll keep both of them around and in a month or so this quandary should settle out.

Sleeping Study


This photograph was originally in color, but for some reason it didn’t seem quite right. I liked the composition OK but with so many design elements already in the image, color didn’t add a thing. In fact it just added confusion. Dropping everything back to black and white helped solve the problem.

To be honest, I’m still not sure they’re aren’t too many competing lines but I’ll wait a while before I change anything further.

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