Goose Family Outing

P1030716smallHave you ever see such a cute gathering?! I know geese are social but this outing beats anything I have ever seen.    (And you think you’ve got relatives!)

Daybreak In The Marsh


We like to go birding early. Just as the sun is climbing over the horizon. The marsh we often visit is alive with the twitter and squawk of hundreds of birds and the sun casts its gold light on still water. 

Small Scale House Cleaning


We’ve been doing a lot of birding while we have been in Florida. My wife Sarah loves to look for new species. So it’s always fun to catch a glimpse of them doing things one doesn’t usually see. This littled woodpecker was darting in and out of this hole in a palm tree. Each time he would reappear, he had what looked like a beak full of sawdust and he would throw it on the ground. It looked like he/she was house cleaning. Getting the place ready to raise some chicks perhaps?

The few minutes watching this ritual made the whole walk worthwhile.