The Nice Flower Lady

Living in a crowded city is a strange combination of crowded intimacy and lonely reserve. As an example, there is very small, below street level doorway garden less than a block from us that always has a magnificent collection of roses seemingly endlessly in bloom. When winter comes, there’s a small bird feeder with a constant supply of suet that takes care of hundreds of house sparrows.

The caretaker of this blooming bounty is a nice lady with whom I occasionally exchange a few words, never much more.

Today was different. Setting out on my usual street shooting walk, I noticed a woman chatting happily with the owner of a very cute dog. The scene didn’t really lend itself to a photo so I just sat and watched. The surprise came as she was leaving her conversation with the dog owner she turned and recognized ME. My wife joined us and the three of us had a friendly conversation.

Anyway, the upshot to this is that in this often lonely time we are living through, a chance encounter sweeps away a lot of dusty cobwebs.

Small Scale House Cleaning


We’ve been doing a lot of birding while we have been in Florida. My wife Sarah loves to look for new species. So it’s always fun to catch a glimpse of them doing things one doesn’t usually see. This littled woodpecker was darting in and out of this hole in a palm tree. Each time he would reappear, he had what looked like a beak full of sawdust and he would throw it on the ground. It looked like he/she was house cleaning. Getting the place ready to raise some chicks perhaps?

The few minutes watching this ritual made the whole walk worthwhile.