Extra Beauty

large- copy.jpg

Our culture is obsessed with beauty. That’s pretty much a given. What I’m unsure about is who defines what beauty is and what purpose does it serve? This picture asks those questions.

Victims of The Cold?


These were happy little spring flowers yesterday. They were peaking their heads up in the next block down the hill from us. Today with the wind chill, the temperature hovering just above zero, I’m afraid they’re no longer there.

A Bluebird Maine Landscape


Sea, sky, boats, clouds, beach and a smattering of people. All elements present and accounted for!

Friday’s Flower Beauty Bash


Always nice to end the week with a little beauty bash. Enjoy summer wherever you are.

Just Plain Beauty

I wanted to end today with a photograph I made on my iPhone while walking across Boston Common today. No hidden meaning no manipulated image…just plain beauty.


A Little Dash Of Beauty

R0330735-EditsmallNice way to start the day.

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