Color Wheel


Sometime the photography gods bestow treasures on those who aren’t expecting them. To wit, yesterday we had stopped for a cup of coffee and a snack in the town of Jenner before going on to a rock climbing site that Sarah’s son wanted to try. I pulled in the lot and got out of the car and there immediately below me was this little kayak mooring site. All it took was one click. 

Yes Little One It’s A Very Big Ocean


A small girl in bright colors on a beach. Those elements have a lot of potential for making a good photograph. To my eye though, what makes this image is NOT seeing the water.

I’ve heard it said often, what’s not in the picture can often be as important as what is.

A Funeral On The Beach

DSCF9559-Editsmall.jpgWe were walking on the Santa Barbara beach yesterday when we passed by a man holding these white balloons going the other way. We assumed somebody was getting married as we had just gone by a bunch of chairs set up looking out to sea. There were also a lot of flower arrangements on long tables flanking the chairs. 

“Taking those balloons to the wedding?”, we asked.

He replied,”No, taking them to the funeral.”.

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