Otto’s Pizza Parlor


This ambivalent photo was taken as we were leaving Otto’s Pizza joint in Brookline. It’s a quick snapshot of a chatty lady in the booth next to us. The juxtaposition of her with the artwork on the wall in back of the booth makes no sense but that’s what was indeed there. She wasn’t  in pain, she wasn’t singing, she momentarily shut her eyes while talking. It’s a strange picture that’s for sure but I like the result.

Cops and Cups


Sometimes the photo gods smile on street photographers. This picture was taken inside Boston’s upscale Prudential Plaza Mall when by accident I saw two mall policeman leaning against this cool wall. The one on the right wasn’t overly pleased about me taking this shot but they both just stoically stood there and I got a neat shot.

On The Church Steps


Her face is open to all kinds of interpretations; watchful, resigned, care worn or angry. Take your pick. All of the above or none. That’s the fascinating thing with street photography. The only sure thing is that the light falling on her gives a painterly quality to the image.

B&W vs Color…A Matter of Choice

large- copy.jpg


The more I take photographs the more I’m drawn to the simple power of black and white. I think B&W removes the crutch that beautiful color can provide and leaves composition and tonality in charge. It pares down an image and often that seems to provide more emotional depth.

The Usual And A Departure


Sarah and I visited the MFA in Boston this morning and as usual I took a lot of pictures of people looking at the art. These three are the best of the bunch with the lower two being the most conventional and the top one being a really worked over one of a lady at a desk selling tickets to the Roxbury Film Festival. I like the harsh abstract quality of it.

large-3853    large-3844

At Boston’s MFA…Art Abounds


I shot this today at the MFA’s world famous Matisse exhibit. This little ked was having the time of his life. He was not necessarily a Matisse fan but he most certainly was an artist in his own right.

Couples Counseling?


This is actually a group practicing dancing together but I contend there is enough ambivalence in the image to allow a different reading.

PS I thought the railing was a hinderance at first until I saw the heart.

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