Portrait Of A Digital Life


It’s not about tea. It’s about meaningless chatter and confusion.

The Guitar Player


Down on his luck? Yes. Drunk? Maybe. Make a nice focal point? You judge.

At The Matisse Exhibit


We’ve got a great one going on here in Boston. It’s huge but what makes it so damn interesting is that it includes many of the objects he lived with and used as “subjects” of his paintings. The man was a creative giant. His energy and intelligence were staggering. If you’re in this area by all means go see this one.

Only God Can Judge Me


This tattoo was on the arm of a nice waitress who waited on us at the California Pizza Kitchen today. Would that more people, especially in our federal government, would lay off judging for a while.

PS The lady was an immigrant.

Catching The Light


That’s part of our struggle isn’t it?

Self Portrait


If I know one thing it’s this. Never take yourself too seriously. Ego is a very dangerous thing. Shut up, do good work and love deeply.

In Moderation

R0331069-EditsmallSorry for the preachy title, but when I saw this guy staring morosely at that sign, it just seemed appropriate.

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