Symphony Hall Boston


As is very obvious in this photograph, we arrived pretty early for the concert. Although they discourage picture taking in the hall, my tiny Ricoh GR can be used almost unnoticed and I took full advantage of that with this shot.

I take raw file pictures and when I processed this one in Lightroom the seats in the foreground took on a lovely blue patina that they didn’t really have. It must have been the lighting that caused that color shift and I liked it so much I left it in. Not realistic? Yes, but I’ll take all the lucky accidents I can get.

A Portrait


I rarely succeed in doing portraits. For starters I’m terrible with artificial lighting. This one I confess I got by accident. It is of a young cousin of mine who I sat next to at a dinner party. I thought what the hell, I’ll use the little flash that comes on my beloved Ricoh GR.

Voila!! It’s a complete accident but I want to try for more of these.

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