Past History

Sometimes what isn’t there tells a wonderful story.

Red Sky In The Morning

Sailors take warning.

Coffee With Friends


Misty memory in a quiet place.

Trump’s Immigration Policy


Couldn’t resist. I was just going to call this a red, white and blue abstract but the lock and colors were too much of a temptation.

A Convention of Straight Lines


The title says it all. Maybe one can find more straight lines in a prison but the Alington Street subway stop in Boston is certainly a major contender.   

At The Art Museum


Looking at fine art is the best way I know to get my creative juices flowing. Boston has one of the finest in the country so spending a few hours here is a real treat.

A Corridor Abstract


We used to travel a lot. Digging through some of my old “road” pictures, I came upon this one. I’ve got no idea where I took this but clearly the shafts and splotches of light were of interest, as were the multiple doorways. The soft muted browns don’t hurt either.

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