Bobby’s Birthday Wish

He’s sitting at his usual spot but, today is different. He has a goal of 20 dollars because he wants to go to a street festival near city hall. He tells us it’s his birthday.

Polishing Brass

I tried to congratulate him on the nice job he was doing. I don’t think he really heard me. However, his goofy smile was fun.


Not as hot today as the weekend but nevertheless I bet this big burly guy is enjoying his work break.

Wet (That’s Good!)

It’s going to be over 90 degrees with high humidity again today. This little girl sitting by the edge of the Frog Pond is obviously soaked. My guess is she’s enjoying it very much.

Subway Stop

To be honest, taking this kind of photograph gets more troubling with the passage of time. I see too many of these people, many of them young like this man. I don’t know if this is a drug overdose but I do know, passed out like this in a subway station isn’t a sign of a healthy person.