We all have days like this occasionly. Lately, however, in the US it seems we’re having them more often.


There’s a story here. I don’t know it. Please feel free to make one up.

Mother’s Day Weather Boston…2019

If only we could have yesterday’s weather today. But so be it, the day is a happy one anyway.

The Angel Among Us

There was some kind of happy festival on Boston Common today. I should (but don’t) know what it was about. Lots of people with lots of kids. Maybe some sort of pre-mother’s day celebration? Whatever it was in aid of, the red-headed angel stole the show.

Cherry Blossom Morning

These scenes are achingly beautiful and SO very short.

Mind Game?

I wish I could tell you what these people are doing. The only thing I know for sure was they were completely oblivious to the fact I was taking their photograph.

Just A Normal Boston Weekend

Doesn’t every city have these folks?

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