Monetary Exchange


I have no idea of what’s actually going on here but I like the confluence of shapes.

Sarah’s Sunflowers (Thinking of Sally Mann)


I’ve been reading about Sally Mann lately. How she takes her photographs with ancient cameras and early printing techniques. How she avoids sharpness and loves the impurities that creep into her photographs. She abhors color and shoots only in black and white.

This image is nothing like Sally Mann work but I was thinking of her when I took it. 

The Volunteer Model


“Take my picture man! Art is everything”


He had a good point. So I did.






America The Beautiful


I apologize for being so cynical but the news of late is so damn awful. It’s too bad this nice street shot had to be given such a gloomy title but that’s just the way I currently feel. 

Trump’s Immigration Policy


Couldn’t resist. I was just going to call this a red, white and blue abstract but the lock and colors were too much of a temptation.

The Writer Wields A Lot Of Power


The pen has been said to be mightier than the sword. I submit it can also be mightier than the camera.

The Big Red Up


I never saw what she was pointing at, but the wall and their postures were the real story. The picture is even somewhat out of focus but I don’t care. The color was too good to ignore.

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