Sunday Morning Coming Down


I love the quiet time before the city rouses itself. No horns, no sirens, only ths soft sounds of sleep slinking off.

A Glimpse of 2019


This a picture of some wonderful woodlands in Helen Putnam park in Petaluma, California. They speak to me of the unknown and somewhat scary year we are about to face. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it.

Lady Red Coat


Do NOT mess with me!

Merry Christmas


Thought of the Week

When we think continually about ‟I! I! I!” and only talk about ourselves, we considerably reduce the size of the world that we want to be ours. The events that occur in the narrow sphere of selfishness affect us deeply and will certainly disturb our inner peace. The situation is very different when we feel primarily concerned with others and bear in mind that they are so numerous that, in comparison, our own personal concerns are negligible. If on top of that our desire is to remove their suffering, we will not get discouraged. It will give us more courage and determination, in contrast to self-pity, which depresses us and reduces our courage.

Oral Teachings given in Schvenedingen Germany, 1998.


A Fun Fall At The Frog Pond




Not much to say about this except everybody on the ice today was having a VERY good time.

Portrait Of Bobby The Panhandler


Bobby’s begging spot is in the doorway of the Starbucks on the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets, Boston. He’s a quiet soft-spoken guy with what looks to me like a big drinkers nose. I like him better than the aggressive little firebrand Michael who used to claim that corner.

Rain…Harvard Square


It’s raining hard and normally I couldn’t use a camera in this weather. However, the Olympus EM1 II is water resistant and in bad weather taking close up shots of people is easier because they’re too busy trying to stay dry. 

On my way back to the subway, I came across this man/woman miserably huddled in a corner. I like the split screen nature of the resulting image.

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