Drug of Choice?

It use to be the one below.

Pretty simple to use. Open the bottle and keep the glass full. The addiction for some never came but, for others 1 drink became too many and 20 wasn’t enough. For those folks the only real cure was total abstinence.  Very hard to achieve but the choice was pretty clear. Do it or die.

Many abstained… A higher percentage of the addicted didn’t stop.

They died.


Now things are different. Much more complicated.

Our modern drug is more sneaky. It doesn’t come with a warning label. Pregnant women and young children use it all the time. It can be very useful and wonderfully entertaining. Total abstinence is almost impossible.

But the price for becoming addicted is crippling personal isolation in a digital world teaming with digital avatars masquerading as real flesh and blood. We “friend” ,”link”,”tweet” and “post” (as I’m doing now) in an amorphous electronic universe populated by those who interact by tapping symbols on plastic or glass. 

We’d do better sitting together on a couch eating popcorn and arguing about California Chrome’s chances for the triple crown.

Or even, yes ignore what I said above, some bar stools cheering for the Red Sox.





Forsythia & The Drain (A lucky study in yellow)


Maine has had a lousy winter and a spring that is almost as bad. However, when this kind of extreme weather happens there always seems to be some plant or other that gets a boost from the hardship most other plants had to struggle to endure. This year it is the forsythia that is very very happy. Driving along a side road in Rockport today I came across this hedge of luxuriant startling yellow and took a picture of it.

While working hurriedly in the rain I barely noticed the drain grate and its attendant yellow marking stripes until after I had uploaded the photograph to Lightroom. Those small geometric matching color forms, falling as they did in the lower right corner of the picture frame, provided a very helpful and unexpected visual anchor to the composition.

Sometimes a photographer just gets lucky.

Static Versus Meditation


It’s getting harder and harder to get away from the noise of today’s digital obsessed world. I’m as guilty as anybody in getting seduced by the latest online social media darling or techno-wizard gizmo. The best way I’ve found to quiet down and refocus is to meditate.


Enough With More Camera Gear Already!



As a camera junkie, I’m as interested as the next fellow (maybe more) in the latest and greatest piece of gear. However, there comes a time when it’s time to pull the needle out of my arm and admit that another piece of expensive gear is not really going to help me all that much.

The above is a case in point. This nice lady is obviously a fanatic bird watcher/photographer and god knows she has herself the biggest lens bazooka known to man for pursuing her hobby. But what you don’t know by looking at this photograph, is that she is exactly 10 feet off the paved parking lot and unlikely to go too much further because carrying that murderously heavy rig is going to be really difficult. She’s looking at a bunch of red-wing blackbirds that are probably too close to her monster lens to even be in focus. 

When I saw this, I saw myself, always on the lookout for the next great camera that will really not help me take better photos. Better to make better use of what I’ve already got. 

I wonder if I can stick to that resolution. How are you doing with your gear lust?