Wabi Sabi Chair



This battered emerald-green chair standing near an unfinished wall in my sister in law’s house is lit by a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling directly over it. The wrinkled green metal seat has a hole in it allowing a single spot of light to pass. This chair exemplifies wabi sabi at its best.

If you would like to learn more about wabi sabi, I suggest you get this book: http://www.amazon.com/Wabi-Sabi-Artists-Designers-Poets-Philosophers/dp/0981484603

I love the concept of beauty in old worn objects.


“No Sharps”


A grab shot with the Fuji 1oox s that turned out well.

I also own an Olympus EM 1 which is an extremely good camera in its own right, but I just don’t use it very much. The Oly focuses much faster than the Fuji and has a lot of good lenses to use for various subjects but the damn Fuji is just so much FUN to use that I keep coming back to it again and again. I’ll keep the EM 1 for special projects but I’ll carry the Fuji every day.

Amanda and Her Sala”mander”

This young lady (Amanda) had worked hard all day pulling weeds and trimming back overgrown bushes. At the end of her shift, as the cuttings were being loaded into a pickup to be hauled away, she found this slimy creature.


It’s a Spotted Salamander or Mole Salamander, ( Ambystoma maculatum) if you really want to get technical.  It’s South Carolina’s official state amphibian and lives almost all of its life underground buried in damp soils rich with rotting leaves. It had rained very very hard for a while last night and this extra moisture probably induced the creature to come to the surface and look for a puddle or pond to lay its eggs in. Amanda was delighted with her new found friend. She found a large plastic container filled it with mud and planned to take it home with her.


I’m sure that wasn’t a wise idea but she was so proud and happy I didn’t interfere. She had worked really hard all day.




(Or maybe just the beginning.)

A Great Alan Watts Quote

Alan Watts was an English born “philosopher/entertainer” as he like to call himself. He wrote prolifically and eloquently about our wrongheaded concept of ourselves as unique and separate individuals. This little quote pulled from his book “Does it Matter” is a good example of his profound, and for most, deeply unsettling views.

Civilization, comprising all the achievements of art and science, technology and industry, is the result of man’s invention and manipulation of symbols — of words, letters, numbers, formulas and concepts, and of such social institutions as universally accepted clocks and rulers, scales and timetables, schedules and laws. By these means, we measure, predict, and control the behavior of the human and natural worlds — and with such startling apparent success that the trick goes to our heads. All too easily, we confuse the world as we symbolize it with the world as it is.


Tourist Season Makes Me Tired And Yet….





They’re here in droves and I know I shouldn’t  really complain. The merchants, after all, love them. But our little town changes from a quiet beautiful place to one where commerce dominates all. Really it’s not that bad, some money comes into everyone’s pockets and the ocean and rivers will be ours again soon enough


summer river