Old Swamp Stumps

DSCF2577smallThese old cedar stumps were lit by a small shaft of sunlight yesterday as we took our daily walk along a dirt road in Rockport. The light made this simple swamp scene surprisingly lovely.

A Shimmering Sign Summer Is Ending


Monarch butterflies pass through Maine on their way south every year. There have been less of them lately which isn’t a good sign but these colorful little creatures are sure indication of fall’s approach. Yesterday on our walk, Sarah and I saw this one feeding on the Michaelmas daisies. A lovely sight indeed but a harbinger of the chill to come.




Creativity  often means  holding your breath for a very long time.

At last, when you are sure you will drown, something wonderful happens that you had nothing to do with

 and you live to do it all over again.

The Translucent Wooden Window



It’s 6:30 this morning and the sun has climbed almost into a bank of clouds hanging low on the horizon. Swinging down the hill leaving Ducktrap I cross over the Northport line and come across an old barn with a boarded up window that seems to glow in the early morning light.