Zen Coast


It was foggy today as we cruised down this beautiful stretch of California coastline. The cool gentle air gave the edge of the sea a meditative quality.

Portrait Of A Mountain Climber


Nothing needs to said about this photograph except, believe it or not, this is a grab shot of a driven climber as he was looking for a group of huge boulders that he wanted to test his skill on.

By The River


Standing by a slow flowing river, feeling the quiet of the day. A moment of being with what is.

Spring In The Hills


We’re in Petaluma, California right now and It’s spring out here and the cherry trees are in bloom. Here’s an example.

Moon Shot


It was full last night and was beautiful. Hard to photograph though due to the extreme contrast involved. To compound my misery, I had a terrible time with focus as well. That said the composition was ok and the soft out of focus atmosphere wasn’t terrible. So here you are.

Red…A One Color Story


There you have it. What more is there to say?




Thinking about different ways to express it. Seems that looking at the edges of it works best.

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