Touching The Magic

It's The Atlantic Ocean Dear


There is something about the ocean. Its mysterious enormity maybe.

Whatever it is, in the summer here in Maine we often see tourists going to the water’s edge and just staring intently at the waves as pulse back and forth across sand and pebbles. We who live here take for granted this vast liquid world at our doorstep but we also should not forget to touch the magic.

Watch The Turn


Sunset Over Camden Harbor Last Night


It was SO quiet. You felt like holding your breath.

Flowers Are Too Easy But Who Cares

Talk about beauty! Take a close up of any properly lit flower and you have a winner. It’s almost too easy. But I can’t help myself I love their grace, beauty and yes, power.






Self Portrait With Leaves





Do we ever really know who we are? If we don’t, then how can we be sure of what we look like? We stare in the mirror and there is someone staring back. However, if you’re my age you hardly recognize the old geezer.

I think who we are depends on so many things that, at best, we catch fleeting reflections of ourselves mirrored in the people and things around us.

Inside Or Outside Depends On Our Point Of View


Wet Grey Leaf In The Parking Lot


Beauty is everywhere. We step on it often.

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