Boston…The Old & The New


It’s good to be back in old “Beantown”. Things have certainly changed around here. There is new construction everywhere. Whole areas that used to be seedy and run down like around the TD Garden now bristle with cranes and excavators. The seaport and the fan pier area are unrecognizable to me. Massive new shopping areas, condominium towers and hotels are currently being built. 

Of course some things have stayed the same. Back Bay is a prime example. The brownstones and Newbury street still are attractive but essentially unmolested by developers. However as if to counter this oasis of calm, we learned yesterday that a second Four Seasons Hotel is being planned, making Boston one of the very few cities in the world with two of these mega-luxury hotels.

Things are certainly exciting but, I confess, a bit unsettling around here.



There Are Many Different Windows

A lot depends on which one you choose to look through.

Different Windows

Coming Into The Light

End Of The Tunnel


This photograph is taken in a little culvert under my cousin’s driveway. It’s really a lot smaller than it looks here.

I like the deception it creates. It looks big and spooky but really isn’t. 

It reminds me of the way we think about our problems.

The Silence Inside



Close your eyes, stop breathing for three seconds and listen for the silence inside the illusion of the world.

Touching The Magic

It's The Atlantic Ocean Dear


There is something about the ocean. Its mysterious enormity maybe.

Whatever it is, in the summer here in Maine we often see tourists going to the water’s edge and just staring intently at the waves as pulse back and forth across sand and pebbles. We who live here take for granted this vast liquid world at our doorstep but we also should not forget to touch the magic.

Watch The Turn


Sunset Over Camden Harbor Last Night


It was SO quiet. You felt like holding your breath.

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