First Light…Death Valley


From Yosemite to Death Valley


An amazing change of scenery in one day. God this country is beautiful!

Saying Goodbye to Ansel’s Home Turf


 Today we regretfully leave Yosemite and head south to Death Valley. The two certainly will be a study in contrasts.

Walking In Yosemite Valley Today


 The sun was setting and the trees were golden.

Talking To A Tree


In a city like Boston you see all kinds of sights. This man was talking to a tree.

Upon first glance it seemed weird, but when you think about it, trees probably could tell us a lot.

If we only knew how to listen. 

Reaching Out


I find it very easy to turn inward. Filling my day with me and mine and ignoring the world around me. With this world in such desperate need of more of the golden rule, withdrawing from the needs of others is wrong for many reasons. Selfishness is only one of them. Reaching out to others, if only to say hi how are you, should be practiced more by all of us

…especially me.

The Simple Power Of One White Rose

White Rosesmall

It’s power is beauty.

No real surprise in that, is there?

Yet why do so many of us underestimate our need for beauty?

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