Birdwatching With Intensity Plus


The Small Wooden Fence

R0300242smallSometimes the simplest of things placed in a certain way can make a strong visual impact. This little section of plain wooden fencing leaning up against the massive concrete wall seems like a visitor to some sort of hostile environment. 

Trees vs The Push For Profit


Here in Florida, commerce would seem to top the environment  almost every time. Swamps get drained and acres bulldozed, as “king sugar” and rapacious real estate development continue to destroy what little is left of the natural world. As one who likes to see places where man hasn’t messed up, this place can be very depressing.

Wrestling With Authority


R0300281-EditsmallI was street shooting in downtown Delray Beach today and got a couple of photographs that seemed particularly suited to the issues surrounding the use (and overuse) of authority that we have been hearing so much about lately.

Ghost From The Not Too Distant Past

Pay Phone

Street Shooting The Ladies Of Delray Beach






“Sand Sea and Sky” (sky wins!)


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