Just Sitting


Nothing nearby. No obvious reason for what he was doing. Just sitting by the edge of the road with cars rushing by.

The Waiting Room




Anyone who has gone to a car dealership service department and honestly expected to have their work done on time is in need of some reality therapy.

The Beer Guy


I was walking around the neighborhood killing time while our car got serviced, when this beer delivery truck pulled up and the driver started unloading cases of beer for delivery to a bar nearby. Immediately obvious were the major Budweiser graphics that covered the side of the vehicle. As the man started to walk away pushing his loaded hand truck, I asked if I could take his picture. He was surprised but let me fire off two quick shots. In this picture he looks quite formidable but, actually he was quite nice and even a little shy.

On The Escalator




The Little Silver Owl

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis little fellow is made of one ounce of solid sterling silver. My mother got it in Mexico a very long time ago and when she died it came to live with me. It’s funny about owls, they are viewed in various cultures as being either good omens or bad ones. Thats what I like about them. They remind me that events can almost always be viewed from either a positive or negative side. It up to me to decide which one.

By the way my tiny friend is a very optimistic and positive owl.


Florida’s Concept Of Nature

R0300430smallI will be the first to admit that Florida has some beautiful places but, when the real estate developers get their hands on them and turn the bulldozers loose, what’s left seems almost a parody. Gaudy fountains and concrete enclosed palms set against country club pastels  rule the day. 


Taking The Wife For A Walk


Here in Florida the geriatric crowd is out in force. (Who am I kidding, I’m one too.)

Every morning before it gets too hot the walkers do their thing and the sidewalks and beaches are filled with folks getting taking their daily constitutional. Today we passed this couple as we we were heading down down to the beach.

He was a big man with a large black floppy sun hat and she was quite small and leaning heavily on his arm. What struck me most was his arm with her hand tucked inside it next to his chest. There was a familiarity and tenderness about the couple that was very lovely.

I developed the file in Nik’s Silver Effects Pro to give it an antique yellowed look which gave it the feeling of age that I wanted. 

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