Beware Lighthouses and Lobster Boats


When we owned an art gallery in Maine it was very usual for painters to bring us their work in hopes we would show it publicly. Often that work would feature landscapes with lighthouses and lobster boats. These subjects were often well painted and attractive but, I almost never exhibited them. Why? Because those subjects was everywhere. Every tourist souvenir shop and postcard rack had those iconic images. 

So my message is simple. When you create art “hit em where they ain’t”. If you insist on doing what everyone else is doing you best be really really good.

Sad Old Age In A Sunny Doorway

This old chair sits in the warm sunshine trying to get used to the idea that it is no longer needed and its family will soon be sending it to the dump.


Flat Water Transportation

It looks like fun but I’m not sure old guys with bad balance would do this very well.


A Flower’s Flame


The Cat Lady of Swanville, Maine

Her name is Donna Talarico. She’s an ex-navy nurse with a genuine desire to help people and animals. She has a bum leg which may have to be amputated.

Donna runs a clean little cat boarding facility called the “Cat Haven Inn” where from time to time we board our cat Dennis.

This is Donna.



Here it is a picture of her Cat Haven Inn’s front window.



I’m not terribly sure what I am posting this except to express my admiration for people like Donna who go through life with an upbeat uncomplaining attitude, always doing what they can to help others along the way.

I know things haven’t been easy for her personally but talking to Donna you’d never know it. 


On The Side Of Caution (for sure!)



This elevator is in a Boston eye clinic. Need I say more?

The Waiting Room

A quiet place save for the inane babble of daytime TV. Each waiting patient  wrapped in thoughts of themselves and their malady. The country club pastels, bad art and white walls do little to liven the atmosphere.

This is a place where healing is helped along behind closed doors and all here wait their turn for medicine’s magic.

The decor doesn’t matter.


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