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At Starbucks today there was the usual group glued to their cellphones or computers. Except for one guy who was staring off into space, apparently listening to music on the sound system. I photographed the 3 online guys  directly, concentrating on their electronic  gadgets. The 4th, I took a view of him reflected in the mirror.


I hope these images speak about their activity. 

The Face Painter

R0300938small We went to the farmer’s market today. It’s a somewhat unusual one in that there are quite a few stands that sell foods that have been cooked or processed in some other way, like paella, sweet rolls, hummus and guacamole. In addition there was a guy hawking his expertise as an investment advisor as well as a professional face painter lady doing her thing.

 I say the face painter was professional because she seemed to take her job and herself very seriously. No finger paint daubing here. She had a big array of brushes and cosmetics which she applied with the utmost concentration. I came up and put my camera quite close to her as she was working and she never batted an eye or looked up once.

If the job she had done on herself was anything like the one she was doing on her little client, the kid would walk away a very satisfied customer.


Traveling With My Best Friend


I Love You So Much

P1000669smallNice thought. Written on a wall near where we are staying here in Austin, TX. Not sure whether it’s art or graffiti. 


Before I Die

P1000675smallCool Austin street art…


A Few Thoughts About Cameras

Being a camera junkie for a long time, gives me a perspective based on buying, trying and then selling an obscene amount of them. I am an avid reader of reviews and sexy advertisements that, more than I’d like to admit, often seduce me into getting yet another technological marvel that I end up not really liking.

What I am finally beginning to realize is, what a  camera can do as a piece of gear, can be light years away from how you the photographer want to use it.

For example. Reviews of cameras and lenses put a ton of emphasis on image sharpness. Tack sharp images are great to be sure but how one goes about getting them may not be worth it. A Nikon D800 with its big sensor and a huge Leica Otis lens may gather more detail by far than a Sony RX-10 or Lumix FZ-1000, but if you are traveling and don’t want to lug all that weight around, does sharp detail still trump convenience and ease of use? 

Also, what about fixed lens vs interchangeable lens cameras? Fixed ones generally require more deliberation and care about what and how to shoot a subject. On the other hand with a bag full of prime lenses or a few zooms, recording the subject is much easier. Again at the expense of  more weight and maybe even sufficient forethought about the desired final image.

Finally, how much you actually enjoy using your camera counts for a hell of a lot. The newest the greatest gear may look terrific on paper but if it feels awkward in your hand and you have a hard time getting to the controls you like to use, forget it!

Love your camera. You’ll take better photographs with a friend.

Leaves and Bubbles


It all depends where you look doesn’t it?

I say this because this photograph came about as I was looking for a place to take a picture of a lovely little stream running along a garden path. My first thought was to compose one showing a portion of the rivulet as it bubbled over some rocks near where I was standing. However as I bent down to adjust the camera I saw a little eddy right near my foot where tiny bubbles formed themselves into little floating mats that swirled around and sometimes engulfed nearby leaves.

I watched this dance for quite a long while and this is the result.

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