Communication is very hard to do well. We so often operate on the surface of things and rarely take the time or energy necessary to really listen. This lady is an Episcopal deacon and works a lot with terminally ill patients. She is trained to listen. She says that when a person is dying often the most helpful thing one can do is sit quietly and really hear what they have to say.

Newcastle Antiques



Coming back from Brunswick yesterday I passed by this old motel with the Newcastle Antiques sign leaning up against it. At first glance it was nothing much as a subject. However, looking through the viewfinder of my camera the building’s striking linearity coupled with the lush reeds in the foreground made me take this photograph.

Foreground, middleground, background is as simple as it gets.

At Reid State Park…Thinking of Neil Welliver


Meanwhile On The Top Of The Mountain


I hiked up Mount Battie today. It was lovely on the trail and on the walk up I saw no one. On the top however it was another story. A fully loaded tour bus from New Jersey pulled into the parking lot and unloaded a ton of people.

Now I don’t mean to be unkind and lord knows our state needs tourism dollars but to be honest that bus ruined my enjoyment of the summit.


Old Swamp Stumps

DSCF2577smallThese old cedar stumps were lit by a small shaft of sunlight yesterday as we took our daily walk along a dirt road in Rockport. The light made this simple swamp scene surprisingly lovely.

Ball By The River


It’s the little things that count.

A Shimmering Sign Summer Is Ending


Monarch butterflies pass through Maine on their way south every year. There have been less of them lately which isn’t a good sign but these colorful little creatures are sure indication of fall’s approach. Yesterday on our walk, Sarah and I saw this one feeding on the Michaelmas daisies. A lovely sight indeed but a harbinger of the chill to come.

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