Catching A Ride With A Dolphin


In Monterey the sea dominates Cannery Row area. As we went downstairs from our hotel room to a coffee shop for a little “wake me up” it was softly raining.  There on the patio was a young seagull yelling his head off sitting on the head of a dolphin statue. I couldn’t resist this quick silhouette photo.

Monterey….A Study In Gray


We’re passing through this little coastal California city today and staying in the Cannery Row area made famous by John Steinbeck. Looking out the window this morning the mist and clouds made a beautiful counterpoint to the harsh concrete structures on the shore.

Back in the “real world” from the mountains and desert today and can’t help but notice that greed is still doing just fine.


As the sun sets in Death Valley


As the sun gets closer to the horizon these mountains begin to glow and reveal the most amazing colors. Ochre colored rocks take on hues of gold, silver and green. In fact the photograph below was taken at a place called “the artist’s palette”.

The quiet cruel beauty of this place makes a powerful impression as darkness approaches.


First Light…Death Valley


From Yosemite to Death Valley


An amazing change of scenery in one day. God this country is beautiful!

Saying Goodbye to Ansel’s Home Turf


 Today we regretfully leave Yosemite and head south to Death Valley. The two certainly will be a study in contrasts.

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