Camden Harbor Evening 07/11/14



It’s dusk on a Friday in the July and the harbor is beginning to quiet down. Boats lie quietly on their moorings in the inner harbor and the lights from dockside restaurants begin to flicker. Camden now is packed with tourists milling around its shops and admiring the local scenery.

As much as I have gotten used to these surroundings, every now and then the beauty of this place hits me and tonight is one of those times.

A flower in black and white is still very beautiful



This hollyhock for instance positively glows with a soft inner light.

Full Moon And The Mega-Yacht



Out for a walk after supper with a friend we came upon this lovely moon silhouetting the branches above us as we headed down to Wayfarer Marine to see this huge yacht. I don’t know why people get pleasure out of these things. Why don’t they just stay in a Four Seasons resort somewhere. It would be cheaper, there would be more to do and it wouldn’t piss off the locals so much.



The Islesboro Ferry



It’s high season summer here in Maine and the mid-coast is hopping. Tourists are everywhere. One of the sights I have always loved is the ferry that shuttles back and forth from Lincolnville Beach and the island of Islesboro just offshore from here. This old farm house is about a mile north of the ferry terminal and is crying out for some loving care.

Enjoy the fine weather while you can.

Cruelty Or Just Having Lunch?



It depends on your point of view doesn’t it?

The struggle of this beetle was hard to watch. I had first thought of posting it as a video but changed my mind. The spider was slowly killing it and that’s what spiders do. So, taking sides by showing the fat bug’s desperate struggle to live was probably injecting too much melodrama into an everyday occurrence in the insect world.

We humans don’t eat other humans. We probably did in the way-back days. Today we have the ability to kill and consume anything we want and don’t give much thought to what dies for our survival.

Maybe we should think more about what we kill?

The Ladder

This one isn’t up against any wall. It’s in the middle of a  wide open field where some children have built a clubhouse nearby out of 4 aluminium hoops and a big piece of lightweight plastic drop cloth. The clubhouse is falling down and the ladder serves no purpose. Neither tool, nor toy, nor even metaphor.

Maybe it was important to someone once. Now it just stands quietly in the tall grass as the harsh sun makes it bright against its dark green background.

It’s probably lonely and I think it likes to have its picture taken.






Empty Rooms

We have run our own antiques and fine art business for about a dozen years now. Before that, we both had separate careers in the fine art field. Sarah worked for non-profit art institutions and I ran a commercial art gallery. This year, this Friday to be exact, we are selling our home and our gallery to someone else.

It is time to do this. I am at the age where I can no longer lug a bureau up narrow stairs to a third floor bedroom and we both are tired of the constant pressure of dealing gracefully with the some of the over inflated egos of certain customers and artists. (People, for the most part, are genuinely nice but a lousy one early in the day can certainly ruin the rest of it.)

It’s been fun and a privilege to run a place where we could indulge our taste for the beautiful, but now it’s time to say goodby.

I am sure we will miss Ten High Street at times but we sincerely hope those coming after us will enjoy this place as much as we have.









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