Wet Grey Leaf In The Parking Lot


Beauty is everywhere. We step on it often.

Storm Clouds at Sunset


There was a severe thunderstorm warning posted yesterday until ten o’clock last night but nothing really came of it. From time to time the sky would darken but as soon as they came, the clouds would disappear again and all in all the evening was quite lovely. This threatening sky was over Rockport Harbor around sunset and stayed only long enough to add drama to a photograph.

Looking Through Glass Makes It Harder To See

Looking Through Glass

There is a risk for us photographers when we travel. Things are new and often exciting and we want to take pictures of them. That, after all, is what we like to do. But burying our face in a camera’s viewfinder puts a screen between us and what’s actually there. The ISO, aperture and speed settings, not to mention the histogram readout, all conspire to take our attention from experiencing what is right in front of us.

Try walking down a strange street not carrying a camera and then do it with one. The feeling is quite different. 

Personally, I find it very hard not to carry my camera when I go somewhere I have never been before and I worry about that sometimes. (probably not as often as I should)

How about you?


Last Night At Sunset



We had dinner with friends last night. It was a very simple affair. A hamburger and salad topped off with an ice cream bar was all.  But before the bugs chased us inside, a schooner sailed by lit by the last rays of the sun.

That made the evening a banquet.

Wabi Sabi Chair



This battered emerald-green chair standing near an unfinished wall in my sister in law’s house is lit by a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling directly over it. The wrinkled green metal seat has a hole in it allowing a single spot of light to pass. This chair exemplifies wabi sabi at its best.

If you would like to learn more about wabi sabi, I suggest you get this book: http://www.amazon.com/Wabi-Sabi-Artists-Designers-Poets-Philosophers/dp/0981484603

I love the concept of beauty in old worn objects.


Trash Bin Abstract


“No Sharps”


A grab shot with the Fuji 1oox s that turned out well.

I also own an Olympus EM 1 which is an extremely good camera in its own right, but I just don’t use it very much. The Oly focuses much faster than the Fuji and has a lot of good lenses to use for various subjects but the damn Fuji is just so much FUN to use that I keep coming back to it again and again. I’ll keep the EM 1 for special projects but I’ll carry the Fuji every day.

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