Mooring Buoys Resting For The Winter



In the winter here in Maine it makes absolutely no sense for recreational boat owners to keep their craft in the water. Nobody in their right mind would want to go out for a cruise or a day sail when the wind is howling 30 knots and the temperature is well below freezing. So from about mid-October on, our harbors empty out and all the mooring buoys get taken in. Here are just some of them that dot Rockport harbor in the summer, huddled together on a hillside waiting for spring.

Over Saturated, Badly Exposed and Not Sharp



Just one of those lousy grab shot photos that somehow turns out OK. I never could do it again in a million years. The moral here is take photographs, lots of them. Not only do we get better because of the practice but occasionally we get lucky too.

Fighting Off The Darkness


Camden Harbor Winter Morning

It’s cold out here and the wind slices to the bone. The sun is not quite up and dark clouds scud across the sky. With tourists gone and the windjammers covered up waiting for the really cold weather, the harbor beds down to sleep.


50 Shades Of Gray

Sometimes an image comes along where it really makes very little difference whether it is presented in color or black and white. This cement plant in Thomaston, Maine is one of them. I originally processed it in color but in the end there was so little of it, some dingey brown vegetation in the foreground was all, I switched it over to B&W to better emphasize its tonality. 


Drops Of Rain


“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.”



A Leaf In Water



A leaf in water goes gently with the flow. Would that we could do that.

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