All Strung Out

SE003815-EditsmallWe’ve all had these days. Too many things to do. Not enough time to do them. Completely buffeted by circumstances beyond our control. 

Actually this young lady was not feeling any of those things. She was just enjoying a carnival ride at our local Lobster Festival.

No matter, all the ropes and booms made for a strong image. Especially when developed in a grungy black and white.

Foggy Harbor Patriotism

P1080111smallHere in Maine the boating crowd likes to fly flags. So it’s no surprise that the foggy western shore of Rockport harbor is currently positively bursting with “old glory” waving in the breeze. 

Terrible Colors…But Terrific Books and Coffee

R0330715smallThere’s a little book store in Rockland, Maine right next to a fine coffee shop. The store stocks an ideosencratic collection of titles many with a Maine flavor. On a side wall is this reading nook decorated with the most god awful cushion colors I have ever seen lumpted together. Esthetics aside, Hello Books is a really fun place to browse.

Then when you are finished, you can walk about 18 steps from their entrance to grab a cup of great coffee at .

Tent In Early Morning Fog

P1080103smallLooking down on the public landing in Rockport, Maine there is this large tent set up most likely for a wedding later on this week. There is a heavy fog this morning which allows a interesting juxtaposition of almost abstract monochromatic elements.

Urban Landscape (Boston)


Copley Square, Boston…Looking Italian

R0330705smallEarly Morning Light Does It

Morning Fog

SE002757smallEarly in the morning, almost anywhere high in the hills, fog can form in the creases.

The myriad tones of black and grey play a quiet, welcoming melody.

Waiting for the sun to rise.

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