Maine Haiku


A small bridge can often lead to very big things.

Colorful Heavy Reading

R0320146smallIt is becoming increasing rare that anyone reads anything on paper these days. Especially in public. This dazzling colorful lady was totally engrossed in what appears to be a pretty heavy tome. 

More power to her!

Social Commentary

P1070708smallSaying something with a photograph like this is almost too easy.

Love’s Labor Lost

R0330079smallAmong The Ruins

Digital Attraction

R0330063small2 tablets and a cell phone compete for attention

The Black and White Down And Out Blues

R0330051-EditsmallThis man with the long white beard is not very old. We saw him this morning bent over carrying what appeared to be all his belongings in a sack on his back. A handsome man who, for whatever reason, is now homeless in Boston wearing a dirty tea shirt with an American flag on it.

There’s a sad story keeping him company.  

Old Bricks/New Bricks…The City Of Lowell


Lowell, Massachusetts is an old industrial city that has been helped by the passion and foresight of Paul Tsongas, a former US Senator who got substantial federal funding to transform the city’s old mill district into a national park honoring America’s industrial heritage.

As a Massachusetts native I have always had an image of Lowell as a down and out old city. That’s not the case today. It’s a place well worth a visit.

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