Leaves In A Bucket, In The Water, In The Frog Pond (etc.)

P1180546-EditsmallOr saying it another way, everything is connected.

What All Photographers Do

P1180502-EditsmallLook At The Light

A Stump’s Fall Colors

P1180423-Edit-EditsmallAs the weather gets cooler here in New England, the reds and golds begin to hold sway. Even a lowly stump gets dressed up for the colorful party that precedes the drab monochrome of winter.

Shadows (Reflections Too)

P1180491smallSo much of what we take as real is only a shadow or reflection of something else. The key to cutting down on at least some of this clutter is to spend some time just watching our mind make up stuff to worry about. 

How do we do that?

Sit still.


(By the way, this photograph is of a wall of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, a place just loaded with shadows and reflections.)



On The Subway

P1180464-EditsmallRiding into the city this afternoon, I sat opposite this lady staring off into the distance lost in thought. I had with me a borrowed Lumix GH4 and by putting it into my lap and by opening the screen to help with the focus, I was able to take this picture without her noticing a thing. My wife Sarah aided my stealth by leaning over to talk to me while I was taking the picture.

I’m not very good at taking “street shots” and don’t do it very often, but this lady’s big dark eyes and quiet demeanor made her an irresistible subject.

The Black Car and The Toadstool (A Study in Contrasts)


P1080641smallThis post is in the form of a confession. I’m sure a lot of photographers (especially casual ones) share this malady. Here it is. I have a TERRIBLE time limiting myself to a particular subject matter.

Street shooting…yes Landscapes…yes People…yes

Still lifes…yes

My wife says I should have a website titled alloverthelot.com and she’s right.

The black car above is a brutalized manipulation of an antique car that I took from the our car’s window while we were driving up to Maine yesterday. Why do I like it? It says “old auto” with just a few splashes of white.

The mushroom below it is a close up of a colorful little poisonous toadstool which I found glowing under a bush at my sister-in-law’s house.

The two pictures bear absolutely no relationship with each other. But why the hell should that matter? I have to remember I shot them for me.

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