A Father’s Day Meditation

The Good…..The Bad…..The Ugly

Time Out

Sometimes taking a break from all the tension and anger of this moment in time is terribly necessary.

The Skating Lesson

As you might guess, the Frog Pond ice rink is a hive of activity on Saturday. I went down there for a few minutes to see what might catch my eye. This little girl was taking a skating lesson and having a terrible time just standing up. But she kept at it and at it and at it. Every time she fell down her…

History Is Written By Winners

I wonder what’s going to be said after this god awful election season is over.

Urbancentric Again

Well we’re back in Boston again. Coming back from Maine into this swirling mass of people takes a little getting used to. But this Place is home after all so no biggie.

Dawn Redwood and Shorter Friends

I remember the last time we were in the fabulous botanical garden called Lotusland in Santa Barbara our guide pointed to a Dawn Redwood growing there and said the tree was incredibly rare and was one of only a handful in the US. It turns out that the Boston Public Garden has 2 of them and they have been there for years.  I doubt the tree…


With Halloween soon upon us, I just couldn’t resist posting this. It was hanging in the doorway of an upscale eatery in the Copley Place shopping mall. Can’t image why.