Zen Wall

R0330951-EditsmallI’m not really sure why, but this view of a wall in the interior garden of our building reminds me of a Japanese lantern. And that reminds me of Zen Buddhism. Sorry for the rather convoluted reasoning stretch but that’s what struck me.

New Skyscraper Windows

P1080430-EditsmallThere’s a 60 story tower being built near us called Millennium Tower. Among other things, it has over 440 new luxury condominium units in it. As the setting sun washed it with gold last evening, this is what a portion of the upper stories looked like.

Two Completely Opposite Portraits

The first is of Joe the doorman. Nice guy, ex-marine, VERY talkative, with a head as smooth as a billiard ball. I shot Joe in black and white, standing close to the entry door wall, staring straight ahead. It really is a still life more than a portrait as his head really tells you nothing about the man. I just liked the texture of his skin against the marble slabs of the wall.


The next is of a pretty little Argentinian girl who sells lemonade in the park down the hill from us. She is a student in her home country and comes to the US every year to practice her english and soak up some of our summer while it is winter below the equator. 

In this shot you see her face and get a clear idea of what she is doing. As they say in the trade it is an “environmental portrait”.

In each case the camera I used was a little powerful Ricoh GR that I carry in a belt holster. It has a 28 millimeter lens that a lot of people say isn’t suitable for portrait work.

It worked fine for me.