Always Building Boston

I have never seen such a building boom as is currently going on in Boston. There is new construction everywhere. Not only new, but older properties are getting repaired right and left. Nowhere is this trend more obvious than today (Sunday for goodness sake!) when a monster crane pulled up next door and proceeded to hoist very large pallets of insulating material onto the roof. 

Their efforts gave this photographer the chance to get 2 pretty good images afforded by an urban building boom.



Just Plain Beauty

I wanted to end today with a photograph I made on my iPhone while walking across Boston Common today. No hidden meaning no manipulated image…just plain beauty.


Sulking Frog

P1000345-Edit-Edit-EditsmallThey have drained his pond for the season and are now getting it ready for ice skating. For the next 5 or 6 months he’ll just have to sit and wait for warmer weather to return. 

The Tambourine Lady Belts One Out..Plus A Drone?!


Sunday afternoons in Boston Garden all sorts of things go on right next to each other. Today was no exception. This lady, as she was going by the One Man Band Guy, grabs one of his tambourines and helps him bang out a chorus or two while a hundred yards further on a couple of guys are flying a drone taking aerial photographs. 

Go Figure!


Along The Esplanade

Fall In BostonThis time of year colors are turning to gold, the air is nippy and it seems everyone has a little more spring in their step. It probably won’t be long before the snow falls, things turn slushy and old guys like me get very worried about falling. However, for now all is well in this tiny part of the universe.