Rainy Day Alley In Thirds (Lucky Shot)

The strong verticals in this photograph neatly divide it in thirds. To be honest about it, I didn’t see this when I took the picture. It was the figure in the foreground that mattered, 

Color Wheel

Sometime the photography gods bestow treasures on those who aren’t expecting them. To wit, yesterday we had stopped for a cup of coffee and a snack in the town of Jenner before going on to a rock climbing site that Sarah’s son wanted to try. I pulled in the lot and got out of the car and there immediately below me was this little…

Zen Coast

The location I took this from is a high bluff north of the small California town of Jenner. The day was overcast and misty and the result to me seems rather meditative.

Zen Coast

It was foggy today as we cruised down this beautiful stretch of California coastline. The cool gentle air gave the edge of the sea a meditative quality.

Portrait Of A Mountain Climber

Nothing needs to said about this photograph except, believe it or not, this is a grab shot of a driven climber as he was looking for a group of huge boulders that he wanted to test his skill on.

Spring In The Hills

We’re in Petaluma, California right now and It’s spring out here and the cherry trees are in bloom. Here’s an example.

Late Afternoon Accident

The bird helped a lot.

California Dreaming

I’m in Petaluma, California currently. It’s a small city that is surrounded by lovely agricultural land. The food here is to die for. Above the town is a high hill called Helen Putnam State Park,  a wonderful area with many hiking trails and breathtaking beauty. Here’s a view.  My old legs get quite a workout here but the scenery makes it all worthwhile.

Petaluma Birding

My wife is really the birder. I tag along taking pictures. This is a black-necked stilt admiring its reflection. I love the red legs.

California Blue

This single sailboat was anchored in the middle of Drakes Bay near Point Reyes, California. I never saw anyone moving around on her. She looked rather lonely out there nestled in an almost mediterranean blue ocean, but the overall scene was beautiful.