Approaching Puberty

This morning there was what seemed like a thousand kids waiting outside our local movie theatre. As we drew nearer, the doors opened and they streamed inside. By the time we actually reached the building they were heading up the escalator to the movie. This photograph was shot through a window in the theatre. Reflections of trees outside overlay the children. The anxiety of…


Love in Chinatown….


There’s a story here. I don’t know it. Please feel free to make one up.

Mother’s Day Weather Boston…2019

If only we could have yesterday’s weather today. But so be it, the day is a happy one anyway.

Cherry Blossom Morning

These scenes are achingly beautiful and SO very short.

Red Sky In The Morning

Sailors take warning.

Spring In The Public Garden

It’s in the 40s today but Boston’s public garden couldn’t be more lovely.

Back Alley

The last thing I expected to see, walking home just now, was this girl doing up her hair in the back of some really grungy industrial buildings.


Rain, rain and more rain soaks us, yet the colors of spring turn the gloom into glory. “Harshness vanished. A sudden softnesshas replaced the meadows’ wintry grey.Little rivulets of water changedtheir singing accents. Tendernesses, hesitantly, reach toward the earthfrom space, and country lanes are showingthese unexpected subtle risingsthat find expression in the empty trees”….Rilke

Careful Daddy There’s A Puddle

We were walking this morning in Sonoma County’s newest park, Tolay Lake. The area is stunning! It’s dedication yesterday was something of a formality, as the 3,400-acre park opened in October 2018 after its master plan was officially approved. It’s accessible via an entrance on Cannon Lane, off Lakeville Highway southeast of Petaluma. The park currently offers more than 11 miles of multi-use trails…