Flaming Red Bush

The glow of the almost full moon last night teamed up with the house lights of the place across the way to create a flaming red bush. Fun to see…beautiful and a tad spooky.

Petaluma “Chickaluma” “River City”

Founded by Spanish settlers in 1776, the Petaluma area was part of a 66,000 acre Mexican land grant of 1834 by Governor Jose Figueroa called Rancho Petaluma . American pioneers flocked into Petaluma from the eastern United States after the discovery of gold in California in 1849. The town’s position at the head of the Petaluma River in the heart of the surrounding prosperous farmland was…

Backyard Beauty

We can easily forget it’s there. We see it so regularly, we take it for granted. But like loving spouses or old friends it waits patiently brimming with beauty. And when our preoccupied vision finally clears we are startled by the joy of realizing it has been there all along.

Black Clouds and A Purple Lady

The rain around here has stopped for now and the dark clouds that have hung over us for the last few days are thankfully leaking sunlight. They say we have gotten as much as 6 inches of water dumped on Petaluma from the last storm. However, that is not nearly what this region needs. There would seem to be more rain coming soon. Good…

A Camera Recommendation For You

I have gear lust. (There I’ve said it.) Rarely a week goes by when I’m not browsing camera reviews and checking up on the latest and greatest digital photographic marvels. But as we all know, it isn’t the camera that takes a good picture. It’s the person behind the lens and no amount of great gear is going to make one a better photographer…

Introducing Dennis

I apologize for posting this cat picture. They are all over the web. I complete realize that most people do not think that photographs of other peoples cats are really uplifting or for that matter even very interesting.  However, as we start getting to know each other, you should be aware that my wife Sarah and I live with an adopted cat named Dennis….