A Helping Hand Called Enlight

I have discovered an addictive app for my iPad. It’s called Enlight.  The damn thing can do basic photo editing and a ton more. It’s easy to use and a lot of fun. If you have an iPhone or an iPad check this thing out. You’ll thank me.


Merlin Just Left

P1010684smallI admit the title is somewhat facetious. The green traffic cone sitting in a church’s entryway does look like a magician’s hat though. 

What is however serious about this photograph is the way the small dot of day-glo green anchors the composition and turns the drab stone walls into a fine background for its blast of color.

Painfully Slow


There are times, especially in a crowded city, when it become easier and easier to avoid really seeing our fellow human beings. Taking a lot of photographs as I do now, makes me realize more than ever just how lucky I am.

In The Dark Heart Of The Forest

P1010666-Editsmall.jpgWe all have times when we have to face our demons. They live in dark places and we hate to go there. But if we don’t face them.

                                                       They win.