Watching The Veteran’s Day Parade

For some the memories are painful.

In Another World…The Reader

My wife loves reading. She devours books. This man looks to be a fellow traveler. I developed this photograph both in color and black and white. I couldn’t decide which I liked the best so here are both,

dia de los Muertos

I admit he’s left over from our Halloween but he seems perfectly able to do double duty.

Soft Focus Boston Common Scene

It’s the day of the Red Sox victory parade and I took a lot of pictures of, as it turns out, a lot of things not directly related to the celebration. This one is of a crowd milling around on Boston Common after the parade had finished. The soft light and the out of focus nature of the image, to me makes it feel…

When The Light Is Your Friend

I couldn’t believe how wonderfully the light bathed this guy’s face. It was almost as good as light in a portrait studio.


She looks so fearful but of what?

Pigeons Working On Formation Flying

PS They weren’t very good at it.

Harvard Square

The arrangement of the figures in this photograph is one of those lucky accidents that street photographers hope for.

Boston Public Garden Fall Selfie

She yanked a low hanging branch around her shoulder to give her shot the proper background. Not great for the tree but it must have really helped the final result. Plenty of reds to be sure.  

The Kiss

I loved it that this couple was totally unaware of anything but themselves. You could have set a bomb off next to them and they wouldn’t have heard it.